Each recipient will receive a collection of photos that is centered around the goal of making the woman feel empowered, self-confident, and beautiful, and there will be a range of photos taken to bring out a woman's personality and be a reflection of her individual strengths.

The industry often calls the focus of our images Boudoir Photography.  These sessions are sensual and suggestive, but are not overt or obscene.  We do not do nude photography or pornography, and no woman will be asked or expected to be less exposed than she is comfortable with.  

Each session with include a range of photographs, from the tamer Beauty Shots to the more suggestive Personal Shots.  The recipient gets her choice of photos for public and private use.  

Boudoir Photography is a female-centric art form that is focused exclusively on what makes a woman feel good about herself- and not what someone else thinks makes a woman looks good!  Boudoir is not about having a perfect body, a perfect face, or a perfect anything! Using light, shadows, and posing to make the most of each person's body will highlight (or detract) any feature.   Confidence is the secret of Boudoir, and what Boudoir Photography gives to women is the result of that confidence- images that are the best of each and every person.

About our Photos

Noel Bullard serves as the Director of Operations for The Amaryllis Foundation. She previously served as the Director of Fund Development for The Mommies Network before being inspired to start the Amaryllis Foundation.  She resides in Matthews, North Carolina with her husband and daughter, Amelia.

In her spare time, Noel works hard to appreciate that she rarely has any spare time.  She is an old-fashion over-achiever who feels slightly queasy if she only has four things to do at any given moment.

Staff & Volunteers

We believe that healing does not stop with medicine.  The unmistakable truth is that breast cancer, and the treatment to stop breast cancer, has a profound impact on a woman and her self-image.  They wear at the delicate fabric of femininity, sexuality, and self worth.  

Our vision is to ensure that every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer has a path back from those wounds, seeing her strength and endurance as badges of honor, not scars of shame.  

By providing personal and professional beauty and photography sessions and timeless images to our recipients, we are handing them back a valuable gift; the ability to see themselves as the world sees them-capturing their strength and their enduring beauty not despite cancer, but because of it.

Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors with a no-cost professional photography session allowing them to embrace their strength, reclaim their femininity, and capture their beauty in timeless images.

Mission & Vision

Amaryllis Foundation Breast Cancer

Amaryllis Foundation in Charlotte Breast Cancer in Charlotte Amaryllis Foundation Breast Cancer

Jill  Bodenheimer

Miranda Reichert

A simple Moms Night Out event started a chain of events that has changed everything for our lives, and hopefully lives of many others.

Miranda, a mom by day and photographer by trade, gave away a photo shoot package as a door prize at the event.  When the winners were announced, the whole room buzzed with glee over the winner, a fellow mom named Jill.  Noel, the Director of Fund Development for the organization that hosted the event, was equally excited to see such a worthy mom win such a significant prize.

The photo package in question was for what is known in the industry as Boudoir; tasteful ( read: not nude) but seductive photography that is intended to help women feel beautiful, sexy and self-confident.

Jill later told us that she didn't think that she was the kind of person who would get Boudoir photos... but that she was really excited when she won... and better yet, the whole experience gave her back something she truly needed.

What makes her win that night even more significant is that Jill is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Over the past two years, Jill has gone through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Jill bears the scars of a battle well fought.

A few weeks later, communities around us buzzed at the release of the first of Jill's pictures.  Staring back at us was the beautiful, confident and seductive face of a warrior; her look-her necklace and her scar- all telling a tale that moved all of us deeply.  

In a conversation a few days later, and thinking about how awesomely the stars aligned for Jill, Noel said to Miranda " I wonder if there are any organizations that do this for Breast Cancer Survivors?  WE should do this for Breast Cancer Survivors!!!"

Noel spent the next 12 hours furiously scouring the internet for organizations that provide this to women.  While finding a few photography companies who have offered it up as prizes and such, there was nobody who was doing this as an organization.  In that 12 hour span, The Amaryllis Foundation was born.

With Noel's 6 years of professional experience in nonprofits, Miranda's photography background, and Jill serving as our first honorary member of the Board of Directors, we are establishing an organization that seeks to give back something important and vital to Breast Cancer Survivors.

The unspoken truth is that Breast Cancer, and the treatment path that saves women's lives, tears at the delicate fabric of a woman's self-esteem, self-confidence, and sexuality.   A woman should not have to forfeit these things to save their own life, and yet many do.   We believe it is a natural fit to empower these women to feel as strong and beautiful as they are through these images and this experience.  

The organization is named after the Amaryllis flower, which has three symbolic meanings: striking beauty, pride, and worth beyond beauty.  In a funny twist, the most popular variety of the Amaryllis flower goes by the moniker "The Naked Lady".  

Our Story

Noel Bullard

Miranda Reichert serves as the Creative Director for The Amaryllis Foundation. She also owns and operates Miranda Reichert Photography.  She resides in Matthews, North Carolina with her husband and her son, CJ.

In her spare time, Miranda makes plans on how she and Norman Reedus are going to live happily ever after in the zombie apocalypse.  She looks forward to prevailing in her 5 year long battle with her husband over the remodeling of her master bathroom.

Jill Bodenheimer serves on the Board of Directors for The Amaryllis Foundation and is a Breast Cancer Survivor. By day she’s a paralegal at a law firm in Charlotte and the rest of the time she’s Mom to Hannah and Ya Ya to her granddaughter, Madison. Jill lives in Concord, North Carolina with her daughter and their two cats, Amy and Marie.

In her spare time, Jill likes to dream about and plan trips to her happy place…Walt Disney World!"