Amaryllis Foundation Breast Cancer

Amaryllis Foundation in Charlotte Breast Cancer in Charlotte Amaryllis Foundation Breast Cancer

The Amaryllis Foundation's goal is to provide this service to any woman post breast cancer diagnosis, regardless of what stage of treatment or recovery she is in.  We only accept applications directly from breast cancer patients and survivors and do not accept application on their behalf from a third party.  We schedule sessions based on need, urgency, and availability of funds and volunteers.  Every application will be considered and prioritized by our staff and our Board of Directors, and in-person interviews will be scheduled accordingly to plan your session.  All recipients will be required to have a questionnaire completed by their treating physician which will not disclose any medical information but is, instead, to ensure that a recipient is not exposed to any materials or allergens that could derail or undermine their treatment process, such as makeup, hair products, etc.   Information gathered by The Amaryllis Foundation is not shared without the expressed permission of the recipient and will never be sold or used for marketing purposes outside of the organization.